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Donnerstag 14.06.2018
Remove of support forum
Because of the new data protection rules (GDPR) we will discontinue the support forum. All data will be deleted.... - continue
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Samstag 10.10.2009
Liga Manager Online 4.0.2
A new release of LMO is available. we added some new features including enhanced league stats, moving single matches to other matchdays (thanks Timme), editing archived leagues in admin area. A new language pack for Romanian users was added by Arthur.
This time we included a translation tool to complete translations and also two update packs for an easy update from older versions.... - continue
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Freitag 10.04.2009
Liga Manager Online 4.0.1
A bugfix release of LMO is now available. A new installer, a few new features and some bugfixes were integrated. The full changelog: ... - continue
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Samstag 10.02.2007
Goodbye CVS - Hello Subversion
We changed our Version Control System from CVS to Subversion. Please see the actualized tutorials for details. ... - continue
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Samstag 15.10.2005
Liga Manager Online 4.0.0
The final version of the LMO was published today. ... - continue
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Mittwoch 01.06.2005
English translation complete
"Wombat" translated the main program and all the addons for LMO. Great work! You can download it from our CVS server or in the support forum.... - continue
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Mittwoch 18.05.2005
i18n news
Great news from our translators. Angelo proudly presents the italian version of LMO and 'wombat' makes good progresses on the english translation.... - continue
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Sonntag 24.04.2005
Translator wanted
We're still searching for a translator who can finish the work at the english translation of LMO. All you need is a little knowledge of the german and english language and a small amount of time.... - continue
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Donnerstag 14.04.2005
Move of support forum was successful
All the user data is successfully transfered to the new server.... - continue
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Mittwoch 13.04.2005
Support forum is on the move
The installation of our support forum will moves to our new server this evening. Due that the forum will be locked for the time of 1 hour.... - continue
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