To enhance the functionality of the Liga Manager Online there are several addons available. Some of them are packaged with LMO and some are available as external downloads.

Packaged Addons

Betgame addon
Enhance the LMO with a very flexible betgame.
Playerstatistics addon
Show statistics from your players in LMO.
Minitable addon
Provide a small version of the actual table on your home page.
Newsticker addon
Provide a newsticker containing the actual results on your home page.
Wap addon
Provide results and tables for users of mobile devices.

External Addons

Provide functions used by most of the external addons.
Displays results from your favourite teams in different leagues. Is very flexible and highly configurable.
Download the fixtures of your favourite teams in PDF format
Look at the history of matches between two teams.
Similar like Teamcomparison but provides some additionaly functionalities
Enhancement for the betgame. Provides a table of the players.